Useful Insights into the World of Drilling Machines

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Drilling machines are used to cut or drill a hole in a circular section into solid materials such as wood, metal, rocks, plastics, etc. The tool rotates multi-point, making hundreds and thousands of revolutions per minute. It is pressed against the material with force to make a hole. The applied force makes the cutting edge chop small chips from work. 

The drilling rig machine can also be used for massive structures such as water wells, oil wells, natural gas extraction wells, etc. The drilling equipment suppliers should be selected based on the desired usage and the project. However, the supplier should be reliable to ensure superior equipment quality. 

Different Types of Drilling Machines

  • Portable drilling machine
  • Upright drilling machine
  • Sensitive drilling machine
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Gang drilling machine
  • Deep mole drilling machine
  • Multiple spindle drilling machine


Drilling machines are available in varied shapes and sizes. There are small hand-held drills, bench-mounted machines, and floor-mounted ones. The drilling machines perform functions like countersinking, reaming, counterboring, spot facing, and making small and big holes.

Drilling machines use drill bits with sharp and cutting edges for digging various size holes. The operator must be experienced enough to set up the work, speed, feed, and coolant to achieve a quality hole. 

Maintenance and safety

One of the basic requirements of drilling machine maintenance is lubricating between the drill bit and the piece of work during work. It helps in dissolving the heat and friction created due to moving parts. Some manufacturers even offer proper manuals for lubricating techniques and cleaning methods. 

The drilling machine must be cleaned after each use. The chips should be cleared to avoid damage to moving parts. Ensure the sleeves and spindles are free from any grit to prevent precision fit damage. To keep the rust away from machine parts, the oil must be coated lightly on the surface.

Drilling bigger holes needs special care to avoid any injuries to the machine operator. The workpiece should be prevented from moving so that the task can be performed with precision. 

The machine must operate at a slow speed to prevent abrasive wearing off the parts. Lubrication should be added at frequent intervals during the process. 

When the machine is in cold conditions, it must be operated at a slow speed. The machine parts and lubricants must be allowed to warm up before increasing the speed. 

Safety should be a prime concern while performing any drilling operation as it consists of power equipment. Safety measures must be taken to protect equipment, operator, and people. Care must be taken to maintain and set up work, and proper tools must be selected. The holding device must be in good condition to prevent damage. 

Components of Drilling Machine

  • Column
  • Base
  • Upper arm
  • Drill head
  • Worktable
  • Spindle
  • Feed mechanism
  • Chuck
  • Pulley
  • Electric motor

Drilling machines make human jobs easier and have multiple uses. However, they must be chosen with precision and used with even more precision for the best results. 

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