Brand New PDTHR-300

PRL Truck Mounted Drill Rig Model PDTHR-300 Brand New is primarily designed for water well applications as drinking water or for agricultural use. PRL PDTHR- 300 Brand New is among the best and most sought-after truck-mounted drilling rigs in the market. It is intended for use in borehole drilling for consumable and agricultural purposes. PRL PDTHR 300 Brand New is designed for 152-254mm (6 “- 10”) diameter holes with a down-thole hammer and 152 – 304mm (6”-12”) with Rotary operation.


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Prime Mover: Truck 
MakeAshok Leyland
Drive6 x 4
Gross Vehicle Weight25 MT
Engine Rating169 HP @ 2400 rpm
Air Compressor
PSI300 (21 Bar)
Drill Depth
Maximum Depth300 Meters (1000 Feet)
Rod Handling4.5 Meter (15 Feet)
Hole Diameter
DTH152-254mm (6 "- 10")
Rotary152 - 304mm (6”-12”)
Max Capacity18 tons (39600 lbs)
Height8.5 mtr
Rod handling capacity4.5 mtr (15 ft)
Main Hoist Assembly
Line Pull ( Bare Drum)3000 Kgf
Max Line Speed40 M/Minute
Wire Dia16 mm
Feed System
Pull Up11,500 Kgf
Pull Down6,000 Kgf
Hoisting Speed35 Mtr/Minute
Auxillary Winch
Bare Drum Pull1000 Kgf
Max Speed20 M/Minute
Hydraulic Circuit
Max Operating Pressure220 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Tank Capacity600 Litres
Filtration Non - Returnline10/25 Microns
Rotary Head
Torque600 Kg-M( Optional: 750 kg-M)
Rotation Speed1 -100 Rpm (Optional 0-85 rpm)
Centrifugal Pump Centrifugal Heavy duty CP pump 4X4
Stabilizing Cylinders 4 Nos 140 mm(Bore), 610 mm(Stroke)
Mast Raising Cylinder125 mm(Bore), 800 mm(Stroke)
Feed Cylinder140 mm(Bore), 2350 mm(Stroke)
Breakout Wrench80 mm(Bore), 300 mm(Stroke)
RH Slide Out Cylinder80 mm(Bore), 450 mm(Stroke)

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