PBHD 50 Crawler

PRL Crawler Mounted Drill Rig Model PBHD-50 is primarily designed for Blast Hole applications. PRL PBHD-50 is among the best and most sought after Crawler mounted drilling rig in the market. It is intended for use in blast hole drilling for mining purpose. PRL PBHD-50 is designed for 250mm (10″) diameter holes with a down the hole hammer.



Make: PRL
Model & Type PBHD-50, DTH Blast Hole Drilling Rig
DTH Drilling 4 inch (101 mm) up to max 50 meters depth.
Drill hole Diameter 4 inch(101 mm)
Drill rod Diameter 3 inch (76.2 mm)
Drill rod Length 3 meter (10 Feet)
Crawler Capacity 10 Tonnes
Max. speed of equipment 3.0 kmph
Grad ability 30 degree from horizontal.
Grouser type Single
Grouser width 310/450 mm
Ground pressure 0.78 kg-f/sq.cm
Type of Drive Independent Hydraulic Motor for each Track
Drive system Through planetary gear box with in-built braking.
Prime Mover The system shall be powered from diesel driven engine with the following capacity.
Engine make Ashok Leyland or any other reputed make
Rated capacity 50 PS @ 1500 rpm or equivalent
Mast Assembly Sturdy structural channel mast structure electrically welded.
Mast overall length 5000 mm
Rotary head travel 4000 mm
Centralize opening 6 inch (150 mm)
Feed System Feed and hoist operation will be achieved by hydraulic motor with chain and sprocket arrangement.
Pull Back 2700 kg-f (30M/Minute)
Pull Down 3500 kg-f (62M/minute)
Hoisting speed (UP) 35 meter/ minute
Reeving Ratio 1:1
Feed system consists of hold back arrangement to control limit weight on bit, rapid and slow feed arrangement to suit variable ground condition.
Rotary Head Assembly
(Top Head Drive)
Fabricated steel body
Torque 180 kg-m
Rotation Speed Spindle rpm: 0-100
Max operating pressure 180 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Tank capacity 350 liters.
Filtration (Nom) – Return line 10/25 microns
Cooling: Fin type oil to air.
Control Panel All Necessary control and monitoring valves and gauges are installed at control panel located nearer to drilling point for driller convenience
Stabilizer Model: Hydraulically operated regular type
Cylinder bore diameter 100 mm
Stroke 500 mm
No. Of Jacks 2 Nos.
Boom Lifting, Swing, Tilting, Dumping, Rack Oscillation Cylinders For raising and lowering and swinging the Mast Assembly
Water Injection Pump Hydraulically operated triplex water injection pump, for injecting water/foam with necessary piping and flow control valves
Max. Flow 30 liter/minute
Max. Pressure 40kg/cm2
Airline Lubricator  
Make Spinc
Capacity 450 cfm @ 150 psi
Air compressor Two wheel trolley mounted Air Compressor.
Capacity 450 cfm @ 150 psi


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