PADR 50 – Crawler




Crawler (5 ton) mounted top head drive drill rig is capable to drill in soft formation up to specified depth capacity. Drilling depths are based on vertical drilling under favorable conditions only.
Deck Engine  
Make Reputed make
Model 120 Hp
Augur Drilling Size  152 mm (6”)
Drilling depth 50 Meters
HYDRAULIC JACKS & FEED CYLINDERS The Rig hydraulic system will be powered by Crawler with Deck engine with suitable PTO system to drive Hydraulic Pump.
Hydraulic tank with oil capacity 650 ltr
Hydraulic Oil cooler 70 Gpm
FEED SYSTEM The feed system having double acting hydraulic cylinder with wire rope and pulley system. The feed system has hold back arrangement to control and limit weight on the drilling bit. Rapid and slow speed with micro feed arrangement shall be provided with suitable Relief, Check and direction valve
Pull up Force 7900 kgf
Pull up speed 25m/Min
Pull down load 5400 Kgf
Rotary head travel 3700 mm
ROTARY HEAD Gear Box The Top drive rotary head gearbox is constructed with electrically welded steel body or casted steel body.
Torque range 400 kg.m
Speed range 0-100 rpm
Centralizer Opening 10 5/8″(270 mm)
WATER PUMP Separate engine or Electrical motor driven water pump of suitable capacity will be provided.
Make Any reputed make
Capacity 80 Ipm/4 bar



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