PDTHR-300 Skid Mounted DTH cum Rotary Drilling Rigs

Get The Most Robust, Resilient, and Highly Dependable Range of Small Water Well Drilling Rig at Prime Rigs

Prime Rigs range of Small water well drilling rigs for sale has the power and adaptability to attain desired drilling depths. Furthermore, trailer, truck, or track-mounted choices provide simple mobility to even the most distant places.

Prime Rigs range of Small Water Well Drilling Rig is dependable, low-maintenance, and robust, constantly outperforming the competition. Moreover, these water well drilling machines can quickly navigate in and out of job locations with these small, all-wheel-drive rigs. Being manufactured from high-quality materials, adhering to strict quality standards, you won’t have to spend money on upkeep. Also, it means that you and your team will be safer.

The Best and Economical Homemade Water Well Drilling Rigs

Prime Rigs Small water well drilling rigs for sale are compact, lightweight, and economically priced. These rigs can perform well in any soil conditions, making them the most reliable water well drilling rigs available. This range of water well drilling rigs is ideal for residential projects with restricted access. This cheap water well drilling equipment is a good choice for limited restricted areas because you won’t have to worry about ripping up driveways or yards.

Features of Water well drilling rigs

  • Engineered Design: Engineered design and contemporary construction maximize power for faster drilling while reducing upkeep and problems.
  • Tight Drilling: Drill trucks compact and lower weight can drill in tighter spaces without losing power.
  • Easy Operation & Training: Simple operation makes it easy for new operators to learn.

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Make: Prime Rigs

Engine Rating: 180hp @ 2200Rpm


Prime Mover: SKID
Engine Rating180 HP @ 2000 rpm
Air Compressor
MakeELGI / Atlas Copco
PSI300 (20.8 Bar)
Drill Depth
Maximum Depth300Meters(1000Feet)
Rod Handling4.5 inch(15Feet)
Hole Diameter
DTH152-254mm (6 "- 10")
Rotary152 - 304mm (6”-12”)
Mud Pump
MakeReputed Make
Liner Size150mm
Max Capacity18 tons (39600 lbs)
Height8.5 mtr
Rod handling capacity4.5 mtr (15 ft)
Main Hoist Assembly
Line Pull ( Bare Drum)3000 Kgf
Max Line Speed40 M/Minute
Wire Dia16 mm
Feed System
Pull Up11,500 Kgf
Pull Down6,000 Kgf
Hoisting Speed35 Mtr/Minute
Water Injection Pump
Max Flow56 LPM
Max Pressure30 kg/cm2
Auxiliary Winch
Bare Drum Pull1000 Kgf
Max Speed20 M/Minute
Hydraulic Circuit
Max Operating Pressure220 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Tank Capacity600 Liters
Filtration Non - Returnline 10/25 Microns
Rotary Head
Torque600 Kg-M
Rotation Speed1-100 Rpm
Stabilizing Cylinders 4 Nos125 mm(Bore), 610 mm(Stroke)
Mast Raising Cylinder125 mm(Bore), 800 mm(Stroke)
Feed Cylinder140 mm(Bore), 2350 mm(Stroke)
Break out Wrench80 mm(Bore), 300 mm(Stroke)
RH Slide Out Cyliner80 mm(Bore), 450 mm(Stroke)

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