PDTHR 300 MAN Truck


PRL Truck Mounted Drill Rig Model PDTHR-300 Man Truck is primarily designed for water well applications as drinking water or for agricultural use. PRL PDTHR- 300 Man Truck is among the best and most sought after truck-mounted drilling rig in the market. It is intended for use in borehole drilling for consumable and agricultural purposes. PRL PDTHR 300 Man Truck is designed for 270 – 304mm (10 5/8” to 12”) diameter holes with a down-the-hole hammer.


DTH Drilling 
Hole Diameter8" / 204 mm (Continuous) 12" / 304 mm(Overburden)
Depth:1100 feet / 300meters
Rotary Drilling
HoleDiameter10 5/8" / 270 mm(Continuous)
12" / 304 mm (Reaming)
Depth1000 feet / 300meters
TruckMAN CLA26.280
Prime MoverTruck Engine using PTO Gear box
ApplicationSoft / Hard Rock (DTH) Unconsolidated / Alluvial (Rotary)
MastRaising and lowering using hydraulic cylinder.
Feed & Hoist using pulley, wire rope and hydraulic cylinder
Max. Pull up force - 12,500 kg-f
Max. Pull down force – 5,500 kg-f
Reeving Ratio – 1:3
Maximum Pull up speed – 45 m/min
RotaryHeadSpindle Speed: 0 – 100rpm
Torque : 360 kg – m
Hydraulic SystemMaximum Working Pressure – 210 kg/cm2
Capacity – 650 Liters
AirCompressorAtlas Capco – 1100cfm @ 300psi.
This Compressor is mounted on the same truck of the drilling rig.
Mud Pump:Flow Rate – 765 LPM
Pressure – 23.25 kg/cm2
Levelling StabilizersCylinder Size: Ø125 mm Stroke: 610mm
Breakout WrenchCylinder Size: Ø80 mm Stroke: 300 mm
Water Injection:breaking of drill rods.
Water Injection:
PumpMaximum pressure 40 kg/cm2
Auxiliary Winch:Bare Drum Pull – 1000 kg-f
Maximum Speed – 20 m/min
Rod Changer:Manually operated single rod changer for changing/adding the drill pipes
Airline lubricator:Suitable to 1100 cfm @ 300 psi compressor
Paint:Epoxy & Polyurethane paint

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