PDTHR 300 MAN Truck


PRL Truck Mounted Drill Rig Model PDTHR-300 Man Truck is primarily designed for water well applications as drinking water or for agricultural use. PRL PDTHR- 300 Man Truck is among the best and most sought after truck mounted drilling rig in the market. It is intended for use in borehole drilling for consumable and agricultural purposes. PRL PDTHR 300 Man Truck is designed for 270 – 304mm (10 5/8” to 12”) diameter holes with a down the hole hammer.


DTH Drilling 
Hole Diameter8" / 204 mm (Continuous) 12" / 304 mm(Overburden)
Depth:1100 feet / 300meters
Rotary Drilling
HoleDiameter10 5/8" / 270 mm(Continuous)
12" / 304 mm (Reaming)
Depth1000 feet / 300meters
TruckMAN CLA26.280
Prime MoverTruck Engine using PTO Gear box
ApplicationSoft / Hard Rock (DTH) Unconsolidated / Alluvial (Rotary)
MastRaising and lowering using hydraulic cylinder.
Feed & Hoist using pulley, wire rope and hydraulic cylinder
Max. Pull up force - 12,500 kg-f
Max. Pull down force – 5,500 kg-f
Reeving Ratio – 1:3
Maximum Pull up speed – 45 m/min
RotaryHeadSpindle Speed: 0 – 100rpm
Torque : 360 kg – m
Hydraulic SystemMaximum Working Pressure – 210 kg/cm2
Capacity – 650 Liters
AirCompressorAtlas Capco – 1100cfm @ 300psi.
This Compressor is mounted on the same truck of the drilling rig.
Mud Pump:Flow Rate – 765 LPM
Pressure – 23.25 kg/cm2
Levelling StabilizersCylinder Size: Ø125 mm Stroke: 610mm
Breakout WrenchCylinder Size: Ø80 mm Stroke: 300 mm
Water Injection:breaking of drill rods.
Water Injection:
PumpMaximum pressure 40 kg/cm2
Auxiliary Winch:Bare Drum Pull – 1000 kg-f
Maximum Speed – 20 m/min
Rod Changer:Manually operated single rod changer for changing/adding the drill pipes
Airline lubricator:Suitable to 1100 cfm @ 300 psi compressor
Paint:Epoxy & Polyurethane paint

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