PDTHR 600 Skid (Trailer)

PDTHR-600 Model, Top drive DTH cum Rotary drill rig is capable of drilling in different formations such as Hard Rock by DTH, Unconsolidated / Alluvial formations using Air/Water/Foam flush by Rotary Method.

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Stringent Quality Standards

While manufacturing and supplying water rig drilling machines, Prime Rigs adheres to internationally recognized quality standards. We build these setups using the highest quality materials from the most reputable sources. Our Borehole Drilling is available in a variety of customizable specifications to meet the needs of our customers. Despite that, these machines undergo thorough quality standards checks to provide a defect-free machine. Check Prime Rigs Collection of Water well drilling machines for sale and their functioning.

Notable Features Of Prime Rigs Water Rig Drilling Machine

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  • Customizable: Our Borehole Drilling is available in a variety of customizable specifications to meet the needs of our customers. Moreover, our machines are available in a variety of operating and power capabilities.
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Make: Prime Rigs Ltd (PRL)
Model & Type PDTHR 600, DTH cum Rotary, Combination Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth  
Maximum depth Up to 600 Meters.
Drill hole diameter 12 inch (304.8 mm)
Rotary Drilling  
Hole diameter 17 inch (431.8) Upto 600 Meters depth
Drill rod diameter 4.5 inch (114.3 mm)
Drill rod length 20 feet (6 meter)
Carrier Skid supported with 5 jack cylinders on Trailer bed with 12 tyres
Make Prime Rigs Ltd
Prime Mover  
Engine Make Cummins
Capacity 390 HP
Mounting Platform Structure Electrically welded steel structure covered with Chequered Sheet.
Mast Assembly Sturdy structural Tubular mast structure electrically welded
Mast overall length 10,500 mm
Rotary Head travel 7,050 mm
Centralize opening 14 inch (356 mm)
< strong>Feed System Feed & Hoist actuation: Pulley, Wire rope & Hydraulic cylinder
Feed cylinder Size & stroke Dia 140mm x dia 100mm x 3500mm long – 02 No’s
Pull Back 32,500 Kg-f
Pull Down 16,000 Kg-f
Hoisting speed (up) 30 meter/ minute
Reeving Ratio 1:2
Double Motor Rotary Head Assembly Fabricated steel body with spur gear reduction and oil bath type gear box
Torque 750 kg-m
Rotation Speed Spindle RPM : 0-100
Max operating pressure 220 Kg/Cm
Hydraulic Tank capacity 600 Liters.
Filtration (Nom) – Return line 10/25 Microns
Cooling: Fin type oil to Air.
All necessary control and monitoring valves and gauges are installed at control panel located nearer to drilling point for driller convenience.
Control Pane All necessary control and monitoring valves and gauges are installed at control panel located nearer to drilling point for driller convenience.
Stabilizer Hydraulic leveling stabilizers Box type
Cylinder bore diameter 140 mm
Stroke 700 mm
No. of Jacks 5 Nos.
Mast raising Cylinder (02Nos) For raising and lowering the Mast Assembly
Cylinder bore diameter 140 mm
Stroke 800mm
Break out Wrench Cylinder The drill rig is equipped with hydraulic operated break out wrench for making and breaking the drill pipes and Hammer.
Cylinder bore diameter 100 mm
Stroke 300 mm
Rotary head slide out Arrangement For Sliding of rotary head gear box during loading of casing pipes
Cylinder bore diameter 80 mm
Stroke 450 mm
Water Injection Pump Hydraulically operated triplex water injection pump for injecting water/foam with Necessary piping and flow control valves
Max. Flow 50 liter / minute
Max. Pressure 40 kg/cm
Single Rod Changer With 1Ton Winch Hydraulically operated winch to handle the Drill pipes, tools and other accessories.
Bare drum-Pull 1000 kg-f
Max. Speed 20 meter/minute
Main Hoisting Winch Hydraulically operated winch to handle the Casing pipes
Bare drum pull 5000 kg-f
Max. Speed 40 meter/minute
Size of wire rope 16mm Diameter
Length of wire rope 40 meters
Air compressor Mounted on Skid
Capacity 1350 cfm @ 425 psi
Airline Lubricator Air-line lubricator will be used for DTH Hammer lubrication
Make Reputed Make
Capacity 1350 cfm @ 425 psi
Mud Pump Centrifugal type hydraulically driven mud Pump required for mud rotary drilling. The pump is suitable for handling clear water, mud and bentonite solutions
Max Flow 1000 liter / minute
Max. Pressure 10 kg/cm
Welding generator Hydraulically driven welding generator for welding and cutting of steel casing pipes.
Make reputed Make
Capacity 400 Amps @ 60% duty cycle
Paint Epoxy & Polyurethane Paint
  High quality Polyurethane paints are used for the rigs to achieve more life for the equipment following the global standard procedures for the surface preparations like Shot Blasting and Primer coating.



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