PDTHR 100-150 Trolley Mounted DTH Cum Rotary

PRL Tractor Mounted Drill Rig Model PDTHR-100 Trolley Mounted Water Well Drilling rig is primarily designed for Unconsolidated / Alluvial / Soft Soil applications as construction use. PRL PDTHR-100 is among the best and most sought after tractor mounted drilling rig in the market. It is intended for use in Construction purposes.

PHEL SELF PROPELLED TROLLEY DRILLING RIG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u15JwaFP-Nw&t=57s


Prime Mover
Make Cummins or any reputed make
Capacity 105 hp @ 2200 rpm
Drill depth
Maximum Depth 150 m (500 feet)
Hole Diameter
DTH 152 mm-203mm (6”-8”)
Rotary 165 mm-203mm (6.5”-8”)
Make: Trolley
Capacity 6000 kgf
No. of wheel and Axle 4 x 2 with towing arrangement
Brake Drum brake with air operated
Mounting Structure Electrically welded steel structure fitted to the trolley body.
Mast Assembly
Mast overall Length 6000mm
Rotary Head travel 4500mm
Centralizer opening 270mm
Feed System
Cylinder size Ø100xØ63×1525
Pull Back 4700 kgf
Pull Down 2800 kgf
Hoisting speed 39Mtr/ Minute
Feed System
Torque 215 kg-m
Rotation Speed 1 -100 Rpm
Max operating pressure
Hydraulic Tank
180 kg/cm2
capacity 200 Liters.
Filtration (Nom) – Return line 10/25 Microns
Control Panel All Necessary control and monitoring valves and gauges are installed at control panel located nearer to drilling point for driller convenience
Cylinder bore 100mm
Stroke 610mm
No. Of Jacks 4 Nos.
Breakout wrench The drill Rig is equipped with double acting cylinder for drill rod makeup and breakup
Size 80x40x300
Mud Pump (Screw pump)
Flow 600 lpm
Pressure 15 Bar
Air compressor (Suggested) Air compressor will be mounted on Separate truck
Air delivery 600 cfm
Pressure 200 psi
Air line lubricator Line oiler is used for DTH hammer lubrication.
Capacity 600 cfm-200 psi
Make Spinc
Tank capacity Tank capacity


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