PADR 40 – Tractor

PADR-40 AUGER Tractor Mounted hydraulically operated Auger Drill Rig capable of drilling dia maxØ6 ” up to a depth of 40 meters under favorable conditions


Technical Specification  
Starter One (1)
Diameter Ø 12mm
Usable Length 1500mm
Application For Rock Containing Soil
Central Tube (double-walled) Weight approx Ø343 x 20mm + Ø146 x 10mm 1400kg
Including High torque coupling – 470kNM
Extension Pieces Three (3)
Mast Capacity 10 feet
Rotary Head 50 – 100 RPM
Oil Cooler 40 GPM
Weight approx including 5200 kg p/p



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