PDTHR 250 Refurbished

PRL Truck Mounted Drill Rig Model PDTHR-250 Refurbished is primarily designed for water well applications as drinking water or for agricultural use. PRL PDTHR- 250 Refurbished is among the best and most sought after truck mounted drilling rig in the market. It is intended for use in borehole drilling for consumable and agricultural purposes. PRL PDTHR 250 Refurbished is designed for
125-203mm (6 ½”- 8″) diameter holes with a down the hole hammer and 152 – 254mm(6 “- 10”) with Rotary operation.

Prime Mover  
Make Ashok Leyland
Drive 4X2
Gross Vehicle Weight 25 MT
Engine Rating 169 HP @ 2400 rpm
Air Compressor  
CFM 1000
PSI 275 (19 Bar)
Drill Depth  
Maximum Depth 250 Meters(650 feet)
Rod Handling 4.5 meter(15 feet)
Hole Diameter  
DTH 125-203mm(6 ½”- 8″)
Rotary 152 – 254mm(6 “- 10”)
Auxillary Winch  
Bare Drum Pull 1000 Kgf
Max Speed 30 M/Minute
Hydraulic Circuit  
Max Operating Pressure 220 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 600 Liters
Filtration Non – Returnline 10/25 Microns
Max Capacity 18 tons (39600 lbs)
Height 8.5 mtr
Rod handling capacity 4.5 mtr (15 ft)
Rotary Head  
Torque 280 Kg-M
Rotation Speed 1 -100 Rpm
Feed System  
Pull Up 3,600 Kgf
Pull Down 4,400 Kgf
Hoisting Speed 30 Mtr/Minute
Main Hoist Assembly  
Line Pull ( Bare Drum) 3000 Kgf
Max Line Speed 40 M/Minute
Wire Dia 16 mm
Drive Hydraulic
Centrifugal mudpump-C1 Centrifugal heavy duty CP pump
Stabilizing Cylinders 4 Nos 140 mm(Bore), 610 mm (Stroke)
Mast Raising Cylinder 125 mm(Bore), 800 mm (Stroke)
Feed Cylinder 140 mm(Bore), 2350 mm (Stroke)
Breakout Wrench 80 mm(Bore), 300 mm (Stroke)
RH Slide Out Cylinder 80 mm(Bore), 450 mm (Stroke)



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