PTBW 150 Tractor Mounted DTH Cum Rotary

PRL Tractor Mounted Drill Rig Model PTBW-150 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling rig is primarily designed for Unconsolidated / Alluvial / Soft Soil applications as construction use. PRL PTBW-150 is among the best and most sought after tractor mounted drilling rig in the market. It is intended for use in Construction purposes.

DTH Drilling  
Hole Diameter 4½” to 6½” dia bore holes
Depth 0-150 Meters (500 feet)
Application Water Well Drilling Rig
Formation Soft / Hard
Drilling Method DTH/ Rotary
Prime Mover Power for the hydraulics taken from Tractor Engine Through PTO
Mounting The rig unit is mounted on a suitable Tractor
Mast Medium duty channel structure
Max Capacity 10 tons (22000 lbs)
Height 5 mtr ( 16.5 ft)
Rod handling capacity 3 mtr (10 ft)
Compressor 600 cfm/200 psi on separate trolley
Feed System  
Max. Pull up force 4500 kg (9900 lbs )
Max. Pull down force 3000 kg ( 6600 lbs )
Maximum Pull up speed 15 mtr/min (49 ft / min )
Jacks Four Hydraulic Leveling Stabilizers
Tractor/Mounting 75 HP Tractor
90 HP Tractor



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