Well equipped with State of Art Plant & Machinery & Modern Infrastructure Facility, spread over a vast area of over forty thousand square meters which assist in producing quality products. The manufacturing expertise of our workforce together with stringent quality and monitoring systems offer varied range of products in different sizes & configurations.

Advantages to be with Prime Rigs

  • Well equipped State of the Art Plant & Machinery with a built up factory space of 6500   sq.m.
  • Excellent surface transport connectivity in addition to having proximity to three ports.
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing with superior control on process.
  • Fully integrated Precision Machining & Heavy Fabrication Facility to handle goods up to 50Tonnes.
  • Open yard facility to undertake Fabrication of Heavy OD Goods.
  • Advance Scheduling for timely deliveries.

The State of the Art facility

Inside facility

RIGS Manufacturing

Plate Rolling Machine 13mmx3000 mm

CNC Plasma & Oxy-Fuel

CNC Press Brake

The State of the Art facility

CNC VTL - 5 meters

CNC Double Column Machining Center

1250 ton Mechanical Press

CNC VMC 1250

6 Axes CNC Blade Grinding Machine

Variable Axes Plate Rolling Machine 50mm x 1000 mm

CNC HBM 130 mm




1 CNC Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting 130 mm max, 4 m W x 13.5 m L
2 CNC Plasma Table & Fume Extraction Fume extraction system for CNC plasma machine
3 CNC Press Brake 4000 mm W x 320 tons force
4 NC Shearing Machine 4000 mm W x 13 mm t
5 Plate Rolling Machine 50mm t x 1000 mm W or 130 mm t x 165 mm W
6 Plate Rolling Machine 3000 mm W x 10mm t
7 1250 ton Mechanical Press 1250 tons, bolster size 3250 x 1850 mm
8 CNC Horizontal Boring Machine 130 mm spindle, X 8600mm, Y 3000mm, Z+W 1830mm
9 CNC Vertical Turning Lathe Table dia 5m, Max turning height 2500mm, max. weight 60 tons
10 CNC Vertical Machining Centre X 1220, Y 600, Z 610 mm.Component weight 1200 kg.
11 CNC Double Column Machining Centre X 2200, Y 1500, Z 800 mm. Component weight 7000 kg.
12 EDM Machine Table size 1400 x 650 mm, Capacity 35 amps
13 Radial Drilling Machine Dia 75 mm
14 Pillar Type Universal Drilling Machine Dia 50 mm
15 Universal Milling Machine Table size 1600 x 400 mm, spindle ISO 50
16 Centre Lathe ABC 1600 mm, center height 330 mm
17 Stress Relieving Furnace 5300mm W x 5500mm D x 4000mm H, Temp. ,750DegC, job weight 25 tons
18 Grit Blasting Facility 15m L x 8.5 m W x 7.5 m H
19 Paint Booth 15m L x 8.5 m W x 7.5 m H
20 Welding Manipulator Capacity 15 tons, job diameter 5000 mm
21 Band Saw Capacity 300 mm
22 EOT Cranes 32/16 ton 1no., 16/5 ton 1no., 16 ton 1no., 10 ton 1no.
23 Hydraulic Press 600 tons
24 CNC Blade Grinding Machine CNC 6 axes, length 1600 mm, job diameter 500 mm
25 CI Bed Plates and Clamping Rails 5000 mm x 5000 mm bed plates, Clamping rails 10m*5m
26 Automatic Welding of Hollow Guide Blade In process