Underground Drilling Rigs: Features That Make Them Unique And Most Recommended

best water well drilling rig

Although underground diamond drilling is comparable to surface drilling, there are several distinctions to be aware of. When it comes to selecting the best water well drilling rig, these distinctions might be important.

Different Objectives

Underground drilling entails definition drilling, with the emphasis on productivity and speed – you don’t want to slow down the extraction process. Given this focus, attaining the highest penetration rate is critical. A core bit with a strong rotation speed and the ability to cut rock properly can give a faster rate of penetration.

Ground That is Unknown vs. Ground That is Well-Known

Because most mines have been in operation for a long time, the type of rock will not be a surprise. Several holes will have previously been bored, so the crew will know what to anticipate, and surprises will be unlikely. Small water well drilling rig will no longer have to limit themselves to core bits that are good for a wide range of ground kinds but may instead focus on bits that have been specifically designed for certain ground types, such as the Hero series. Additionally, because you know the type of ground, you may choose a higher crown to limit the number of times you need to replace the bit.

Bored Hole Depths

Most of the time, with underground drilling, the holes are not as deep, for example, 200 metres instead of 1,000 meters. Drillers may be more inclined to use traditional drilling methods rather than wireline drilling methods as a result of this. Core bits used in traditional drilling have smaller kerfs, which can result in a faster rate of penetration.

Borehole Orientation

The borehole can be drilled down, up, or inclined in subterranean drilling. Because of the varying orientations, you may need to select a different matrix for your core bit. In rare cases, while drilling an uphole, you may need to utilize a different matrix than you would for a downhole and proceed one series higher.

Drill Rigs With Lower Horsepower

Because subterranean drilling leaves less room for drill rigs, they are often smaller and less powerful. You’ll need a core bit with a softer matrix when drilling with a low-powered drill rig, especially in an up hole. The softer matrix, as previously indicated, features diamonds that are easily exposed, allowing the core bit to stay sharp, cut effectively, and offers a decent rate of penetration even when utilizing equipment that does not deliver the appropriate feed pressure.


We’re all aware that selecting drilling equipment is the most crucial decision you’ll make since it will have a significant influence on your drilling results. While the kind of earth is crucial, there are additional things to think about while drilling underground. Other underground drilling recommendations from our technical team include: beginning a borehole underground using a used core bit is usually a good idea. Starting a hole underground can cause harm to pieces, so avoid buying new ones and go for one that has already been used.

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