Improving Productivity with Fully Automated Blast hole Drilling Machine

blast hole drilling machine

Mining is an essential activity for keeping a nation economically productive and independent. While mining helps to leverage new technologies and boost the commercial aspect of a country, its products are necessary for building roads, hospitals, automobiles, satellites, and numerous other products and services. Drilling and digging are essential parts of the mining process. Nowadays, many pieces of equipment are available, such as the blast hole drilling machine. With improved innovations and rapid development in technology, the mining industry has come a long way to improve productivity. By using both manual and digitized readings in place of wireless systems and automating their methods, the drilling industry has improved its performance and become more cost-efficient. Here are a few ways that have helped to make the performance of the fully automated drilling machine used for blast-hole drilling even better:

  1. Automation of vehicles: Mining vehicles have been automated and made most modern. This has helped to revolutionize the mining vehicles sector. The vehicles are ideal for use for underground mining in addition to taking up risky assignments. Using technology, the autonomous vehicles are well equipped with remotely controlled cameras and tools to enable the machine to explore and check the surroundings. 
  2. Tracking the workers: Another feature offered by the mechanization of the equipment is the tracking facility, which can indicate the location of the workers. Workforce tracking wearables have helped keep track of the workers and maintain their safety while improving their productivity.  
  3. Use of GPS technology: One of the most modern techniques used by mining companies for drilling machines like blast holes is the use of GPS and other navigation systems. Providing accurate information and visuals that are three-dimensional, the automation uses live location and map display techniques to help the machine work.  
  4. Latest technological developments – Digital Twins: One of the latest developments is the use of digital twins, which has helped to manage engineering along with asset information so that the data related to the movement and operations of the machine can be recorded and used for improved performance. Besides, it helps to use the drilling devices appropriately.
  5. Operational smartness: Smartness in operations, known as operational intelligence, is the foundation of creating smart systems for work. Collecting real-time information and using it to make accurate decisions for work-related issues has helped to bring a revolution in the working of the rigs. 
  6. Monitoring through wireless mode: Using drilling machines that blast holes and work with accuracy also requires constant monitoring facilitated through wireless mode. This digitization has initiated virtual operations to replace the age-old manual monitoring.

Using blast hole drill rigs has digitized and automated the whole process of drilling, taking the operations to another level where accuracy and productivity have improved considerably. The areas that were considered inaccessible or consumed a lot of time and resources have now come under the coverage of these devices and can be easily managed. By using new and latest technologies, the mining industry has catapulted how drilling and other operations were undertaken and maintained earlier using manual force. Automation has taken the mining process to a whole new level. 

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