How Does Water Well Drilling Rig Work?

water well drilling rig

A well drilling rig is big equipment that is bough to the site where the well needs to be dug. There are two types of drilling rigs. The rotary drillers bore down the earth in a circular motion while the pounder raises and lowers a heavy weight for digging. It is also known as the cable drilling method. The aim of a water well drilling rig is to reach a water source below the ground. 

However, the drilling is done below the water table to ensure an ample supply of water and a long life. One needs water well to source clean and pure water from the land. In many parts of the world, people get access to water with a private well. 

Residential Water Wells

The first step towards creating a well is digging a deep hole via drilling. The opening is termed a borehole. The contractor or drilling professional will get a water well drilling machine to your house to make a borehole. As mentioned above, they will use either of the techniques for digging a hole to the desired depth. The contractor removes excess material that might come in the way of the hole. 

Reinforcement of the borehole is done, which is known as casing. It is an essential step to prevent the well walls from collapsing and contaminants leaching into the water supply. Hiring a reputed contractor is recommended to ensure each step is performed with accuracy. 

The Water Well Drilling

Before the drilling starts, the contractor identifies a suitable location for the well. If required, they will obtain the permits relevant to the project before bringing the drilling machine to your site. 

After making a borehole, they will install a casing of the well which is made of plastic or steel. In some cases, the well needs a high flow rate. It happens when the subsurface of the property has gravel or sand. In such a scenario, the contractor installs a screen in the well to keep the sand or gravel away from the water. They also install grout between the borehole and the casing to keep the water safe for consumption. 

The final step is to install a pump in the well to ensure water supply to your home. And voila! You will get to enjoy a private well and a constant water supply. 

Finding a Reputed Contractor

This is a crucial step which should not be ignored. It is only the right contractor that can help in realizing the dream of having a private water supply. It is essential to find a contractor that has the right equipment and materials. They must also have extensive experience and the required skills for performing the job correctly in the first attempt.  

Begin some research online and check the reviews online to see people’s opinions on the potential contractor. Once the options have been narrowed down, talk to the contractors and ask for references for previous projects. It gives an idea about the quality and reliability of their work. 

Some research and scrutiny will enable you to choose the right contractors for having a private well and pure water supply. 

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