Best Practices for Choosing Underground Drilling Equipment

Drilling Equipment

Underground mining machinery includes the likes of the Underground Jumbo Drill and the Underground Scaling Jumbo. The Underground Mining Truck and the Underground Mining Loader are also very important pieces of machinery in the underground mining industry. So, let’s discuss the underground drill rig suppliers.

Underground drill rigs come in a variety of forms. As a result, your technical requirements should guide your decision on the type of underground drilling equipment to purchase.

Five of the Best Underground Drilling Rigs

  1. Borehole Drilling Machines: FC10-1BCD:

The effectiveness of these underground drill rig manufacturing companies is unquestionable. This rig is propelled by a hydraulic power plant. The speed ranges from 0.8 m/min to 2 m/min. The autonomous system on this giant drilling machine is its greatest strength. Automatically shutting down after processing is complete is an option. The rig has an integrated cleaner that removes dust and debris from the chassis. This rig is between small and medium in size, weighing in at about 6500 kg, making it very manageable for climbers. The hybrid electric/diesel engine uses both power sources to operate. This layout conserves power and gets around the issue of constant power upkeep. 

  1. Underground Jumbo Drilling Rig FC20-2BCD:

This Underground Drill Rig has a 30 KW engine, allowing it to traverse bigger inclines without difficulty. Secondly, the underground mining drilling equipment may run at a speed of 2.5 km/h, which significantly increases productivity. In a nutshell, the use of this drilling gear can significantly boost productivity. In addition, the smallest circle this rig can turn in is only 4.5 meters. As a result, it can maneuver with ease in confined mining environments below ground.

  1. Construction of a Subterranean Jumbo Drilling Rig, Model FC20-2BD:

The dimensions of this particular drilling rig are 83.50 m, 12.90 m, and 24.50 m. An underground mining operation of sufficient size would benefit greatly from the use of this drilling rig machine manufacturers gear. They came up with a drilling speed of 0.2 to 0.8 m/min. The boom of these underground drill rigs may be tilted up to 55 degrees and down to 16 degrees. This up-and-down movement is completely consistent with global norms in terms of magnitude. 

  1. Massive Underground Mining and Railroad Construction FC10-1BDG Drill:

Great for both railway engineering and underground mining, this jumbo drill is a must-have. Let’s check out its boosting mechanism. The incline is 105 degrees and 15 degrees upward. A full 41.5 meters in length, the Underground Drill Rigs are a behemoth of a machine. The maximum depth it is capable of drilling is 27 meters. Underground mining drill manufacturers have a maximum thrust of 9000 N. So, this vehicle will perform admirably on every surface. 

  1. Using the FC30-1BD Underground Drilling Machine:

Large drill rigs like this one are used to bore deep into the ground. 12 tonnes is the overall weight of the whole thing. In underground mining operations, a machine of this weight would be considered huge. This Underground Drill rig is a suitable option if your project involves the development of a sizable underground mine. The two of us stared at her. She was a huge spider. It’s quite neat that it works. 


They recognize that selecting reliable Underground Drill Rigs is not a simple task. Buying a drilling rig is a significant investment; thus, they need to be selective in their selection. Underground mining drilling equipment from a trusted manufacturer is maybe your go-to option.

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