PPR- 30 Tractor mounted Piling Rig

Model: PPR-30(Piling)



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Technical Specifications:


Rotary Drilling
Hole Diameter 28” / 711mm
Depth 100 Feet / 30meters
Drill Rod Length 4 ½” x 10 feet (3.0 meter)
Tractor: New Holland Make
Model 7500 (4 Wheel Drive)
Capacity 75hp @ 2300 RPM.
Prime Mover: Tractor Engine using PTO Gear box
Application: Unconsolidated / Alluvial / Soft Soil
Mast: Sturdy structural channel mast structure electrically welded.
Mast Overall Length 5,500mm
Rotary Head Travel 3,500mm
Feed System: Feed & Hoist using pulley, wire rope and hydraulic cylinder.
Feed Cylinder Size Ø100 mm
Stroke 1750 mm
Max. Pull up force 7,000kg-f
Max. Pull down force 4,500kg-f
Reeving Ratio 1:2
Maximum Pull up speed 30m/min
Rotary Head
Spindle Speed 0 – 50rpm
Torque 420 kg – m
Hydraulic System:
Maximum Working Pressure 180 kg/cm2
Capacity 350 Liters
Mud Pump
Flow rate 1500 LPM
Pressure 10kg/cm2
Centrifugal Type Hydraulic Driven Mud Pump Required for Rotary Drilling Application
Levelling Stabilizers
Cylinder Size Ø100 mm
Stroke 610 mm
Foot mounted type hydraulic levelling jacks
The above jacks are provided with “reverse flow restricted valves” to ensure safe operation.
Mast Rising Cylinder
Cylinder Size Ø100 mm
Stroke 700 mm
The system is a provided with a Hydraulic cylinder for Raising and lowering of the Mast Assembly.
Breakout Wrench
Cylinder Bore Ø70mm
Stroke 200mm
The drill rig is equipped with hydraulic break out wrench for making and breaking of drill rods.